Freelancer.com is one of the biggest freelancer websites out there. If you are a professional, you can make a decent living out of this site.

The way the website work, a person or a company that looking to accomplish project, go ahead and post it online. As a freelancer, you browse available listing and apply for the project you believe that you can do. You bid on the project.

The listing owner, go ahead and browse all bidding and compare what seems for him the best bid and owner it.

Based on you price & rating, freelancer.com usually recommend one of the freelancer and put him on the top of the other freelancers. It is just a recommendation and doesn’t mean the recommended freelancer will be the one who win the project.

If you don’t have a strong skill, I would suggest to move to other sites, as you will not have a shot to make any money on this site with no skills.

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MinuetWorkers.com Website is pretty similar site to Microworkers.com. They both function in a similar way. The only difference, is that Minuet Workers has a way better design compare to Microworkers.

Just as I mentioned These are Micro Worker sites, so don’t expect a high rate and if any job is giving a high payment, be sure it would require a lot of work done.

If you are newbie to internet marketing, there is no harm in doing these sites. It would give u ideas where to start and maybe one day you use it for your own business.

Based on my experience, Minuet Workers has less workers compare to Microworkers, so you can expect less competition : That is good for workers and bad for employers.

If you will use MinuetWorkers be aware each IP Address can sign up only once. That means if you sign up to a website people who has the same IP Address like you will not be able to create an account in the future.

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Microworkers.com is a website that allow a business owner to get freelancers to do very small job for a pretty low cost. If you want to make some extra cash, Microworkers.com is not a bad place to start. You don’t need to know much, but also don’t expect to make much since the jobs are paid in cents.

As a micro worker you will login and start searching for a job you can do, each job tells you how much you will get in case you done it. Following simple steps and you can get the job done (maybe like someone facebook page or follow someone on twitter, … etc). Once you done you will need to submit approve (depends on the task). You get paid only if the buyer approve your job, if you are doing lousy job you probably will get your work denied.

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fourerrFourerr is another fiverr like site. The website allow you to list a gig for $4 and get 20% commission out of it.

Fourerr is ranked among the few best fiverr alternatives as of a traffic. You can pay for your Gig to be featured as it is the case with Gigbucks and FiversWorld.

Fourerr just added a new lovely design to their website. The design is much smoother than the one they had before and just get Pinterest buttons all over the site.

Fourerr is a good place for fast cash, but very tough to be a long time provider as you are limited to $4 only compare to its competitors. Even the top rated sellers on fourerr are not as reliable as the other marketplaces.

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Fivers World is another great alternative to fiverr, the website, haven’t been around as much as zeerk or gigbucks, but it did stand out on no time.

Fivers World has couple of unique features that you may not find on the rest of the fiver clone websites.

Fivers World is the first website came with the idea of Instant Access Jobs, which all you as a seller to sell your ebooks or software passively, simply be uploading the files or by uploading the file to a share server and add a link to the download. This feature has given the edge as well to the buyers who are looking forward toward getting their product immediately after payment.

If you want to start selling gigs online passively, Fivers World is a good place to start.

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GigBucks is another Gig site similar to fiverr with some differences. GigBucks allow sellers to sell for the range of $5 – $50. The website may has less traffic than fiverr, but you probably can make as much money as fiverr on it if not better.

Unlike Fiverr, you can pay to get your gig on first few pages as well as sell for different prices.

If you got a service to offer and wanted to list it on fiverr, don’t forget to get it on Gigbucks as well, it would certainly pays off.

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Fiverr is a Gig/Micro Job website, where people share what they welling to do for a fixed price of $5. In this website, you come with something you can do and think it worth $5. You post the Gig Online, and if the Gig is of interest of fiverr visitors, you will probably start making some money.

fiverr has gained a huge popularity in 2010 – 11. Buyers want to get their work done for less, and it wouldn’t get better than $5.

Although fiverr is a good place for someone without much knowledge to start, however, you will have to invest sometime advertising your Gigs since it is hard to get your Gig Noticed.

If you are a college student or in need of fast cash, fiverr might be one of your best option, however, is not your best on the long run.

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